Curls.LA Team

About Us

Curls.LA is a DevaCut-Certified Salon using products from Innersense Organics, Original Moxie, AG Hair, BounceCurl, and DevaCurl. We are always exploring new and innovative products to introduce the latest and greatest to our valued clients!

Below you will find a brief biography of your curl experts at Curls.LA!

Ashley Elbeck

Ashley came to Los Angeles 9 years ago from San Francisco. She started assisting under Devachan's co-founders Denis DaSilva and Lorraine Massey in 2012. By 2014, Ashley was behind the chair full-time seeing her own clients. Ashley mixes her technical side with her visual side. She is very analytical and a great listener; she takes pride in educating her guests to embrace and love their natural texture. She loves to collaborate with her clients on their vision and to share her low-maintenance approach to caring for their curls. In Ashley’s free time, you will find her roller skating, reading, traveling the world, spending time with her cats, trying new recipes in the kitchen, or tending to her plants.

Sergio Delgado

Everyone has their own unique signature style. Every curl is special in its own way. Our daily activities as well as our personality, preferences, and confidence have so much to say about how your hair is worn. You deserve to enjoy your curls at their fullest potential. Whether you have big, small, coily, zig zag, or even multiple textures to your hair, they are yours and I want to help you elevate your curls. This is why your signature cut and color was created, style curated specifically for you. Your hair is cut dry in its natural state, letting each curl fall where it may without disrupting the curl pattern. The time dedicated to your appointment is to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process and feel confident with styling at home. After a decade behind the chair focused on curly hair, I've seen it all. As your stylist I want to create a map to your desired hair length and shape so that you can enjoy your curls at their fullest potential. You will feel empowered to rock your look, making your signature style pop. I can't wait to work with you!